1. Office Sweeet will handle all aspects of your business.

– Keep track of your prospects (CRM with visual reminders)

– Easily manage income, expenses, inventory (mostly automated yet modifiable)

– Quickly calculate payroll (a few minutes at most)

– Internal messaging and chat integrated with the scheduler with task management system (automatically messages your team to alert them on changes in their schedule, new tasks or inventory needs)

– An advanced documentation creation and filing system that is completely user definable that manages all of your documents from within OR outside of Office Sweeet. No more filling in the blanks and typing. (you’ll never have to search for that elusive proposal or report as it is always automatically filed where you can easily find it)

2. Enjoy complete control with a single login from anywhere in the world.

3. Learn one easy system with no more copy/paste between apps.

4. Empower your business to work as a team. YOU decide what they can access; making them part of the solution and not the problem.

Hosted on Google servers utilizing Google apps to broaden your experience.

No contract, commitment, no upsell, no BS.

Office Sweeet is the true digital office of the future, available now.

You won’t find a better, easier, more reliable means to manage your business.