System Features Details

All OfficeSweeet Enterprise Subscriptions Include :

An Enterprise Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)

Upload all of your prospects into OfficeSweeet from your spreadsheet and track all of the most important details. Keep all of your notes in order and in one place – in the cloud. Then, when they become a client, all the notes transfer automatically to their client record.

Many CRM solutions are intended for use only by the sales people, however as an enterprise CRM solution, OfficeSweeet provides customer information to all key team members across multiple departments. You can create a comprehensive profile of each customer’s preferences, habits and personal information. Naturally, our note-taking capabilities will easily track and log all customer interactions. All OfficeSweeet users can see exactly where you are in the sales process that helps make informed decisions quickly.

OfficeSweeet can collect more data and make it available to other users when they need it. Our comprehensive cloud-based business software will inform the decisions of your salespeople, customer service agents, accountants, call center representatives, marketing teams and more. As a direct result, anyone in a customer-facing position can gain valuable insight from using our enterprise CRM solution.

Our integrated CRM for small businesses can also provide comprehensive reports to help you track all new and existing prospects, analyze sales activity, the conversion rate to clients over time and more.

A Complete Accounting System that is EASY to use and understand

OfficeSweeet makes balancing your checkbook a breeze without any roadblocks like other systems. Your accounts are reconciled at month end with your checking account saving you precious time and frustration.  Naturally, you can upload and save digital receipts on all of your transactions, track reimbursements to employees and print checks that are automatically saved to your journal and expense account.  Unlike many other systems, you can actually add detailed notes to any expense or check to remind you what it was for anytime later.

Our comprehensive invoice management software can create quotes and invoices to your clients and process credit card payments to speed collections. Your customers can pay their invoice directly from their email for instant payment or you can collect payment using our easy, built-in Point-of-Sale tool. When creating invoices for products you need to order, OfficeSweeet will instantly create Purchase Orders for you right from the invoice and send them to your vendors at the touch of a button.  No more Clicking, Printing, Mailing, Calling… just click a button to get your special orders sent directly to your vendors.

OfficeSweeet’s accounting system maintains your expense accounts and can produce important detailed reports to share with your accountant and most importantly, understand your business financials quickly from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection. Everything is there when you need it.

A Payroll Processing system

Easily maintain your payroll with a built-in time clock for hourly employees. OfficeSweeet’s payroll processing software calculates salaries and hourly employees when payroll is due. The administrator merely verifies each prior to processing. The payroll data is transferred to the journal to the appropriate expense accounts for payroll, employment taxes, FICA, Workers Compensation, bonuses and more.

With our payroll software, you can electronically save a complete report of each pay for easy retrieval. No more fussing with huge paper journals or searching paper files. Naturally, you can choose to print and save any report the old fashion way. We don’t want to tell you how to run your business. We just try to make it easier.

A complete Inventory Control system

You can add any service or product to your system including a SKU, description, price and cost. Additionally, you can track and maintain inventory control with any item you stock; this includes products you use within the company or re-sell for profit. OfficeSweeet allows you to set up inventory controls to prompt you when you are running low on inventory, suggests your pre-set re-order amount and will tally up the cost for you. As an added benefit, OfficeSweeet’s inventory control software will automatically send a message to any person selected on your team when inventory hits this pre-defined low limit. Naturally, the value of all inventory stock on hand flows automatically to your balance sheet for reporting.

Sales Tax Calculator and Control System

OfficeSweeet adds up your sales tax due based on sales and provides you with an accurate record for any reporting period.

An Integrated Messaging System

Text messages are great between two people but OfficeSweeet allows you to maintain a digital trail of communication between all of your users. Automatic messages are sent to staff to alert them when there is a new appointment on their schedule, a new task added or even when inventory runs low. This keeps everyone on the same page.  When any OfficeSweeet user logs in, they are notified of any new messages with an option to “read now”.

A Comprehensive Scheduler for your Staff and Clients

Your customizable schedule includes all of your users/staff and is easy to access from any smart phone or device that can access the Internet. Instantly know who is available and create appointments with unlimited detailed information within the appointment using a simple Drag & Drop format. When a new appointment is added to someone’s schedule, you can notify that team member with a single click to remind them that their schedule has changed.

As an added convenience, if a new appointment pertains to a client or vendor, you can link the appointment to that client or vendor to allow instant access for the team member viewing the appointment.  This reduces errors, speeds the process and maintains continuity by design.

A Comprehensive Task Management Center

Efficiently manage your staff assignments and tasks within our cloud based task management center. Each task can be assigned a priority and a due date. As tasks are handled, they can be edited and updated with new information. You’ll never have to wonder what’s going on with your team.

As each time a new task is placed in a team member’s task list, our integrated messaging system automatically notifies that team member via a personal message. This keeps everybody in your business on the same page by default.

As with tasks, you are able to create projects as well. When specifying a due date, the schedule is updated automatically to remind your team member of his or her project and allow for updating their progress daily so that projects are unlikely to get left behind or forgotten.

Complete Document Management System

A comprehensive automated document management system is seamlessly integrated to the CRM and business accounting system for any small businesses, like you’ve never seen before. OfficeSweeet allows you to upload your standard reports, contracts, proposals, NDA’s… anything you have created, and then allows you to create a template by exchanging values with specific dynamic links to fill in the blanks for you at the touch of a button for any prospect, client, vendor or employee.

Naturally, the completed document can be edited and will be electronically filed, then sent by fax or email for a secure ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE right from within OfficeSweeet.  There is no need for the additional expense of an outside service.

Once a template is created, it is stored in within your own system to use anytime you need it. OfficeSweeet’s electronic record system can be completely customized to your business needs. No more searching for the elusive contract or agreement as every document is automatically filed where you can find it.

Imagine the time savings …no more typing, filling out forms or handling paper. Yes, this is the true digital office. The future is here.

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