Business Solution

Tired of struggling between multiple apps to manage your business?

How about 1 SINGLE Login to 8 SYSTEMS? OfficeSweeet ENTERPRISE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT solution was designed to organize your most important business processes allowing you to become more competitive and improve overall productivity. This translates to lower costs, increased revenue and less stress.

Engage your staff through a centralized communications network, prioritize tasks for all users and schedule your clients and staff from any location in the world – 24/7. Easily manage and track your prospects, business stats and reports, inventory, sales tax, income and expenses.

Create and deploy your own proprietary documents so that other OfficeSweeet users on your team can instantly create contracts, reports, building permits, NDA’s and more for any client with no typing or filling in the blanks.


Completely integrated accounting, prospect / staff management and electronic documentation.

Accounting Made Easy

Uncomplicated and completely user friendly but sophisticated enough to share with your accountant when it’s tax time.

Client & Staff Scheduling

Schedule appointments, office meetings, installations and more, all in the cloud, with access from any device.

An Enterprise CRM

Our integrated CRM for small businesses can also provide comprehensive reports to help you track all new and existing prospects, analyze sales activity, the conversion rate to clients over time and more.

Select the perfect package for yourself. Simply choose the number of people you want to have access to OfficeSweeet EBM solution through a variety of permissions to safeguard your business yet create a TEAMWORK approach to running a “well-oiled machine”. Each user can have a variety of permissions based on their position within the business. Administrators have full access to grant or deny permissions within Office Sweeet.


We Listen to Our Clients to Understand How to
Serve Them Best

Having over 20 years of administrative and financial experience, I would highly recommend having Office Sweeet as your new partner… It allows an administrator to pay special attention to workflow status, makes it very easy to communicate between staff and clients to know exactly what the status is of all projects and tasks and be able to make sure that no steps, have been missed or are late.

As a non-techy person, I found Office Sweeet to be the perfect Enterprise Business Management solution for my small business. I like the fact that it is so affordable that it allows me to have my entire staff connected and I literally run everything from my iPhone while traveling.

As a design consultant, being able to produce agreements and quotes on the fly is much more efficient.  I love being able to automate the process, as I believe it makes for a good impression on clients as well.