Office Sweeet Recognized for Premium Usability Platform for SaaS Review’s Business Process Management Software Category

Businesses that are interested in handling their entire operations within a single platform need not look further, as Office Sweeet packs all the tools you need to effectively execute your day-to-day operations. As a testament to the efficiency of Office Sweeet in simplifying one’s internal and external work processes, software review site FinancesOnline distinguished our platform with the Premium Usability award for 2019.

The Premium Usability award is given only to the most intuitive and user-friendly business applications, and as stated by the reviewers, “Office Sweeet simply makes business management extremely easy.” According to FinancesOnline, this is possible due to our wide array of tools for managing every single facet of one’s operations. Full control across all aspects of your operations is one of the main reasons why business process management is important, and the review affirms that Office Sweeet enables users to do just that.  

With features for scheduling, CRM, payroll, task management, accounting, inventory, POS, e-signature, and much more all available under the hood, businesses greatly benefit from a variety of reasons. Clear visibility on all business  Some examples enumerated by the reviewers include:

  • A unified hub for all information,
  • Easy access to all essential data,
  • Fewer resources needed for using a disparate set of business solutions, and
  • Minimal training required for employees as they will only need to familiarize themselves with a single platform.

FinancesOnline also detailed their own impression and understanding of what is Office Sweeet, stating that it is a “comprehensive enterprise platform” that comes with all the essential tools to execute one’s operations. The review team also commended its accessibility and mobility in allowing users to take full control of their business operations from anywhere in the world. Security and access control through permissions and roles is another highlight for the FinancesOnline review team, stating that Office Sweeet allows team members to perform all their responsibilities with ease.

Office Sweeet also garnered a 97% user satisfaction score on FinancesOnline’s behavior-based algorithm. Due to the positive customer reception, we were crowned as a Rising Star for 2019 under FinancesOnline’s business process management software category.

Be sure to browse FinancesOnline and leave a user review for Office Sweeet. We are very eager to hear your thoughts on how Office Sweeet helped drive growth to your business.