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Mastering Customer Relationship Management – How OfficeSweeet Helps

More than 70% of small businesses today believe that investing in advanced technology, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is the key to achieving business growth with impressive ROI. This widespread opinion is backed by measurable results; Nucleus’ ROI studies found that businesses with active CRM investments receive up to $8.7 dollars for every one dollar spent!

Needless to say, CRM has its charms. But remember, not all CRM software are designed the same; for business, particularly small businesses, choosing a specialized, preferably cloud-based CRM system is necessary for successful outcomes.

And in that area, OfficeSweeet fares spectacularly.

OfficeSweeet—what’s the hype about?

Dubbed by developers as “a complete business solution”, OfficeSweet does more than just enable sales teams to record and manage business client/customer information. It’s an enterprise system that helps you accumulate all important details, from spreadsheet data to sales order details, in one place—in the cloud.

Before we look into the specific features of the software, understand why it’s such an attractive offer for businesses. For starters, OfficeSweeet has an easy-to-use accounting system, which means administrative staff with varying degrees of tech skills can use it without the need to be trained extensively.

Also, the software includes automation. The machine learning algorithms integrated within the system enable it to auto fill data in forms and applications, minimizing wasted time.

And finally, it’s cost effective. Small business owners, with minimum budget for technology investments can depend on OfficeSweeet for accounting and management support without having to fulfill high monthly costs or contractual fees.

Primary features…

The customer relationship optimization highlights of the OfficeSweeet system include:

  • Create individual customer profiles with information that goes beyond contact details and into individual preferences and purchase habits.
  • Track and log customer interaction, which can be accessed by relevant departments—including salespersons, accountants, customer support staff and marketing teams—to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Report generation. Users can record and analyze new and existing prospects, study sales activities such as conversion rates and customer feedbacks, and more.

Additionally, OfficeSweeet includes a comprehensive messaging system, which enables all authorized users of the software to communicate schedules, tasks, inventory details, and more. The point of this feature is to make sure that everyone is on track with everything that goes on with everybody else, thus makes sure that customers do not have to face the fallouts of internal communication blunders.

A complete system for accounting solutions, sales task management and optimized internal communication—that’s OfficeSweeet in a nutshell for you.

Sound good? Try OfficeSweeet for FREE here and see for yourself!