About Us

Richard Burgess, Lead Development

John Stagl, Systems Design

With their greatest successes in development of electronic medical records over the past 20 years, it was clear that something was lacking as most systems were mostly focused on Practice Management (accounting). Physicians were still dictating patient encounters; which was time consuming and redundant. Each visit required repeating much of the same verbiage. Stagl designed a system whereby the physician could very quickly create customized patient encounter reports without dictation. Naturally, after a patient visit, the system would capture the charge and subsequently bill the insurance company and the patient was scheduled for their next visit with the doctor. Hence, one cohesive system did it all.

Over the years, Stagl was frustrated with running his own business with the currently available accounting software. The system was slow, difficult to manage and required a fair amount of time outside of the the day-to-day activity of a busy office. With his successful track record in medical office management design, Stagl decided it was time to bring business offices and their staff together with yet another cohesive, easy to use cloud-based system – OfficeSweeet.

“I believe in the concept of strategically applied resources to enable humans to do what they do best – THINK! Let the machines crunch the numbers and manipulate the paperwork while humans apply their energy towards growing their businesses and enriching their life”, says Stagl.

Richard Burgess, a resourceful genius, has the talent to make dreams become a reality through creative programming. Burgess and Stagl have been a team for the past 17 years and have always shared one main philosophy; to serve the client’s needs by allowing them to remain part of the ongoing development. Subsequently, they have assembled a quality team of developers, programmers and support staff to continually serve the needs of their clients. Built into OfficeSweeet is a direct link to it’s developers and programmers to learn from any OfficeSweeet user what is most import to them.

“We listen to our clients to understand how to serve them best”.