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In this short video (1 min. 20 sec.) you will discover the unique set of tools we offer in our Enterprise solution.  Unlike other “all-in-one” solutions, Office Sweeet actually covers EVERY aspect of running a business from one single cloud-based platform.  Check it out!

In an interview with the developer, John Stagl, you will discover exactly How Office Sweeet provides something totally different with regards to how, with the right tools, you can empower your TEAM to remain engaged from anywhere in the world. (length 13 min.)

Discover how you can Arm your Business with a Secret Weapon and Crush your Competition in the process. In addition, you will receive a sweeet incentive and a nice gift towards the end of this presentation.  Make the time to watch this, as it is well worth it. (length 30 min.)

Accounting Made Easy

Uncomplicated and completely user friendly but sophisticated enough to share with your accountant when it’s tax time.

Client & Staff Scheduling

Schedule appointments, office meetings, installations and more, all in the cloud, with access from any device.

An Enterprise CRM

Our integrated CRM can also provide custom email marketing and comprehensive reports to help you track all new and existing prospects, analyze sales activity, the conversion rate to clients over time and more.


Office Sweeet is an affordable Enterprise Business Management solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our cloud based solution provides an Intranet for small businesses to connect business personnel and easily manage all aspects of business from anywhere in the world. Within the solution we offer an enterprise CRM, a complete accounting system for invoicing, collecting and detailed reporting, payroll calculation, inventory control, scheduling for staff and clients, task management, an automated documentation management system and an internal real-time communications system to keep everyone in sync with automated messaging for changes in schedule, tasks and inventory alerts. Secure and encrypted, access to Office Sweeet can be made from any device capable of connecting to the Internet.  Hosted on Google servers, Office Sweeet is completely scalable from solo users to large corporations.

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We Listen to Our Clients to Understand How to
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Having over 20 years of administrative and financial experience, I would highly recommend having Office Sweeet as your new partner… It allows an administrator to pay special attention to workflow status, makes it very easy to communicate between staff and clients to know exactly what the status is of all projects and tasks and be able to make sure that no steps, have been missed or are late.

As a non-techy person, I found Office Sweeet to be the perfect Enterprise Business Management solution for my small business. I like the fact that it is so affordable that it allows me to have my entire staff connected and I literally run everything from my iPhone while traveling.

As a design consultant, being able to produce agreements and quotes on the fly is much more efficient.  I love being able to automate the process, as I believe it makes for a good impression on clients as well.